Dance Inspired Fitness
Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Musicality &
Grace of movement

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Balletone Workout:
A dance-inspired, full-body conditioning workout designed to
improve foundational cardio, strength, coordination and core.

What's different:
Balletone uses dance conditioning methods, but it still feels like a
fitness class - the class is on your feet and moving. "Real life is
balance, stumbling toward grace, finding your balance in the midst
of momentum," Fable (Instructor, Boulder CO) says. She says the
class teaches "reflexive core control." So instead of the instructor
telling you to align your spine and tuck your pelvis, you have to do
that, or you fall over.  It's a relief to work out and not have to hear
Britney squawking in the background.

Who does it?
This class is not just for dancers. It's great for active people who
need to sweat, be moving and thinking, but also know they need to
move inward with their exercise. The class regularly draws moms,
people recovering from hip and foot injuries, pregnant women,
dancers and seniors. Cyclists and runners can also benefit because
those sports are in a single plane of motion, and their external
rotators tend to be weak.

Level:  ALL Levels - "It's deceptively challenging."
Class builds a strong cardio foundation and endurance, which is
where the real challenge is. Still, the class is low-impact, so it's not
jarring on the joints, but still weight bearing. You can increase
difficulty by your range of motion. Because of that, the class never
gets easier; you never plateau. “ The better you get, the more
control you get, the harder it gets"

Equipment: None.                     
What to wear:  Comfortable clothes, not even shoes are needed.

Muscles worked:
Participants' hips are externally rotated almost the whole class, so
you really work your hip rotators (i.e. saddlebags).
Class mostly works lower body and core. Warning: You won't feel
the core during class. But boy, you'll feel it after. Deep.
Your feet -- all 26 bones and 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons
of them -- also get a workout and stretch.
Later, I was baffled by how sore I was, especially my core, upper
legs and butt.  Sneaky, sneaky.

-- edited / Excerpts
from an article originally reported by Aimee Heckel.
Student Guidelines:

  • Insurance Waiver required.  
  • ATTIRE: Exercise or
    dancewear please.
  • Please Sign In
   at every class
  • Hand all paperwork and fees
    directly and ONLY to class

  • No shoes req’d.  
  • Ballet shoe recommended.

  • Please bring your OWN Mat,
    and/or bath or beach towel,
  • Also suggested = yoga
    straps and extra towel.

12 CLASSES (session)  = $120.00

Monthly = $50.00

Weekly / drop in  = $15.00